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Different ways lead you to identify the right product for your demand: 

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  • the choice of a product from our product range in the above mentioned chart offers you a general overview.

1. Smoke extraction by automatic or fixed textile smoke curtains

  • How can you fulfill the demands of safe smoke extraction concepts without the need to have large openings for exhaust and for fresh air intake or with cross streams in high rooms? How can rooms be optimizes for mechanical extraction?
  • Smoke barriers Supercoil and Moducoil with CE-label.
  • For the mechanical extraction rooms can be compartmentalized with room-high smoke curtains what significantly reduces the fan capacity. In case of emergency, automatic smoke curtains coil down to the corresponding level, indicated by the extraction concept. Well integrable in the interior design and for this awarded several times ("invisible fire protection").

2. Smoke curtains with a curved course

  • How can you integrate a smoke curtain in an architecturally attractive surrounding, e.g. a shopping malls and at the same time also provide a leakage of 0%?
  • Smoke curtain Smokeshield-C - the curved smoke curtain with a leakage of 0%.
  • The Smokeshield-C can be perfectly integrated in the architecture because of it different shapes like circle- or ellipse shape but also as open curved (serpentine) system. The smoke curtain is hidden in the suspended ceiling and provides a leakage of 0%.

3. Automatic smoke curtain made of a fabric with the feasibiltiy to pass through

  • How can you fulfill the demand of safe smoke extraction concepts in areas where smoke barriers close all the way down to the floor level - especially if there are requests for escape doors?
  • Smoke curtain Stripecoil with CE-label.
  • Creation of smoke compartments in escape routes respectively in areas where the smoke curtain is closed down to the floor level and persons have to pass through the system. The Stripecoil system is available in drop length up to 3,5 m with a twin coil system for unlimited widths. The frequency of persons passing through the smoke curtain is at approx. 200/minute at a width of 3 m. Due to the little demand of space for the casing, the walk through height (headroom) has minimal limitations ("invisible fire protection").

4. Creation of areas to guide smoke or as fire protection closure

  • How can the existing high demands on tightness of smoke barriers be fullfilled? Or how can a fire protection closure for a room in prestigious buildings be adjusted to the architecture? No limitation by side guides or pillars can be accepted.
  • Smoke guiding: Smokeshield-S and fire protection closure Fibershield-S.
  • Smoke protection closure Smokeshield-S respectively fire protection closure: Fibershield-S offer a polygon shaped design. No disturbing side guides are necessary to achieve the requested tightness. Due to the flat design, the systems can be perfectly be integrated into ceilings and are available in extremely large widths and lengths where the angle may vary from +/- 90° (30° - 150°).

5. Automatic smoke barrier made of a fabric

  • How can it be ensured that smoke does not spread through elevator shafts from one floor to another or from one room to another through large openings? How can large openings be sealed smoke-tight according to DIN 18095 or EN 1634-3 without affecting the architecture or demanding large space?
  • Smoke protection closure Fiberseal Evolution-Sa or Sm, Fiberseal-HFiberseal-S according to DIN EN1634-3.
  • Secure, large scale smoke closures, even at high pressure loads (50 pa) and temperatures up to 200 °C. Due to the small architectural design, highest deamds are covered ("invisible fire protection"). Optionally smoke protection closures can be designed as fire protection closures as well.

6. Automatic textile fire protection closures for openings and walls

  • How can you seal large openings in walls and ceilings which create fire compartments although there is limited space or architectural demands? 
  • Fire protection closure Fibershield-PFibershield-E, Fibershield-I and Fibershield-W, tested according to DIN EN 1634-1.
  • These automatic systems are quite small and can be easily integrated into architecture. Depending on the fire protection classifications you may chose between “E 90-180”, “EW 60-90” or “EI 30-60 without water, with water - EI 120” („invisible fire protection“).

7. Textile fire protection closure with the classification EI90 without water admission

  • How is it possible to seal openings in an architecturally appealing environment with fire curtains which need heat insulating characteristics with the classification El 90 (T 90) while affecting the architecture as less as possible?
  • Fire protection closure Hidden Shield -  the textile fire protection closure with the classification El 30 / El 90.
  • This closure that meets highest architectural demands and open design concepts, is the first fire protection closure in the world without side guides. Due to the special and structural construction there are no further compensatory actions, such as sprinklers, necessary to reach the textile closures’ protection target.

8. High speed doors with integrated fire protection

  • Is there a high speed door with fire protection characteristics? The installation of the system shall only be on one site of the wall. Therefore no limitation of the opposite wall side is necessary.
  • Fire protection high speed door Firefast.
  • A fire protection closure which is completely integrated into the robust spiral high speed door or interlayer high speed doors (3m/seconds opening speed). It is installed only on one side of the wall and only one control unit is necessary for all function.  

9. Automatic fire protection closures made of a fabric – to seal openings in ceilings

  • In case of high architectural demands - how can you assure that openings in ceilings, which create fire compartments, can be sealed according to the protection target?
  • Fire protection closure Fibershield-H, tested according to DIN EN 1634-1.
  • These systems allow for a horizontal sealing of large openings in ceilings up to a width of 20 m and of large lengths. The Duplex drive system assures a safe closing process. 
    The protection targets E 120 respectively EI 120 (insulation with sprinkler ) can be achieved.

10. Fire protection closures for facades, external installation

  • If two fire compartments converge at a building inside corner, or if the distance between the buildings is less than 3 - 5 meters or the roof of an extension connected to a wall with openings it has to be assured that the fire does not spread through the openings in the façade. Which opportunities are there without having to close the openings with masonry?
  • Fire protection closure Fibershield-F
  • This protection can be ensured by the installation inside and outside of the building. By installations inside or outsideof the bilding this protection can be guaranted. With these automatic sealing systems standard windows without fireproof glazing can be used. This standard windows are operable and do therefore not restrict the room-comfort.

11. Conveyor system closure for uninterrupted and interrupted conveyor systems

  • Various goods were transported criss-cross through the building by various conveyor systems like roller-, belt-, carrying chain or circular conveyors. Thereby they often break through fire protection compartments.
    How can these openings be sealed in case of fire?
  • Conveyor system closures of different series Universal-BECClos-FLEXECClos-RSECClos-SRGT-K
  • The systems are available in a large variety for the different types of conveyor techniques and are approved by the building authorities. These sealing systems don’t affect the conveying process even with uninterrupted conveyor systems.

12. Conveyor system closure for pneumatic conveyor systems

  • It has to be assured that no fire is transferred in case that pipes where materials are conveyed with an air stream (over or under pressure) and pass through fire rated walls or ceilings. There is a danger that the thin, unstable pipes deform and therefore create openings in the walls or ceilings. Since standard fitting fire protection claps for ventilation are unsiutable. What should be used?
  • Conveyor system closure Ecotube
  • The operation is always guaranteed as the cross section of the conveyor system is no affected. The systems – even for large cross sections – can be designed for over or under pressure. The conveyor system closures are applicable for a dusty, lamellar, sliceable materials.

13. Fire protection closures for industrial kitchen exhaust systems

  • Is there a fire protection closure, which can be used for industrial kitchen exhaust ducts, when a standard - fire flap can not be used due to negative effects on the functionality by fat and grease depositions?
  • Fire protection closure Duoflap for industrial kitchen exhaust with the approval Z-41.3-668
  • Save and quick closing even with fat and grease deposition in the exhaust duct. Applicable in walls and ceilings whereas little space besides of the duct is needed. The systems are easy to maintain because there are no functional gaps.

14. Elevator shaft doors as fire protection closure

  • In case that elevator shafts run through fire compartments e.g. ceilings, it has to be assured that the fire does not spread through the elevator shaft to another fire compartment. Are doors available which are tested according to the norm EI-30 classification?
  • Elevator shaft doors tested according to EN 81-58
  • Tested elevator shaft doors can be installed inside elevator shafts due to the low constructional depth. They provide not only resistance against the passage of fire but also the required smoke tightness in case of a fire load.

15. Fire protection stacking doors

  • Are there solutions, to have a fire rated closing of openings in walls in case that there is no space for the parking position of e.g. fire protection sliding doors?
  • Fire protection stacking door Omnicompact.
  • The fire protection stacking door requires only minimal space above the lintel, as each element can be stacked above the lintel or can be pulled along underneath the ceiling. Design in T 30 – T 90 up to maximum 
    dimension of 9 x 6 m is possible and the systems can be delivered in stainless steel as well.

16. Isogate - Fire protection insulation doors and -gates

  • Openings in fire rated walls of cold storage rooms (+4 °C) or deep freeze rooms (-28 °C) ask not only for a fire protection sealing, but also for insulation. This can be done with two doors (insulation door – fire protection doors) or does there exist a more efficient solution?
  • Revolving- and sliding doors of the Isogate series
  • Proven for more than 15 years, the systems provide a reliable insulation, that is to say that there is no condensation water or icing when the systems are in operation. In case of fire a safe fire protection sealing is 
    guaranteed – this is tested according to EN 1634-1.
    Even uninterrupted conveyor systems in cold storage rooms can be sealed.

17. Fire protection hoods for electric devices

  • When there are copy machines, printers or other electrical equipments with a fire load in necessary corridors in the building, it has to be ensured that the fire does not affect the escape. How can the protection be ensured without restriction of the operating procedure?
  • Fire protection hood Copy-Cap
  • Tested fire protection hoods, which automatically unfold from picture frames or ceilings and enclose the object which shall be protected, drown the fire and the smoke is captured underneath the hood. These hoods may even protect high-quality equipments against fire water (e.g. by activated sprinklers).

18. Control units

  • Are there optimised control units with a certificate for the usability with fire protection doors which are in their open position during daily operation but have to close in case of fire? Or for conveyor system closures whose safe closing shall not be hindered by conveyed materials or for complex systems?
  • Various choices of control units from RZ 8 type for elemantary requirements RZ3 / RZ4 until RZ7BMZ .
  • Depending on customers request from simple control units to bus-control units, where a control via the operator-panel is possible and can easily be extended. Therefore comfort and safety are increased and the installation becomes easier.

19. CAN-BUS cross linked hold open device with approval

  • Are cross linked control units (hold open units) with certificate of usability for smoke doors, fire protection doors, conveyor system closures, etc. available? They need to communicate with BUS control units, have to protect complex units and need to be handled easily.
  • BUS-control unit RZ 7 BMZ2 with our without RZ7-FAA
  • The BUS control unit for Stöbich products as well as for all further brands of smoke and fire protection closures. Using the operator panel, all systems can be controlled and easily be extended. This increases the safety as well as the comfort and reduces the effort for installation.

20. Emergency power backup ”Powerdrive” 400 VAC

  • The closing are has to be free due to the demand that even in case of loss of primary power supply (mains supply) the conveyor system closure has to close safely. How does an efficient solution look alike?
  • Emergency power supply system Powerdrive, which guarantee a continuing power supply to drive systems of conveyors.
  • This decentralised emergency power supply unit with a capacity of 5 KW can be installed directly on site - at the drive units of the conveyor system. They offer a high level of safety and ask only for small effort for the installation and maintenance. 2, 4 or 6 drive units can be cleared per unit.

21. Static, flexible smoke curtains

  • Is there a cost saving solution provided that smoke curtains are necessary to guarantee for the safe smoke exhaust? There demand is for a very light weight and it has to be possible to lead pipes or cable ducts through the system where a free view is not necessary.
  • Static smoke curtains Moducoil/Supercoil-fix
  • This static smoke curtains can be designed in very large dimensions - practically umlimited widths are possible. An additional benefit is the little load to the structure of only approx. 0,7kg/m² and the easy lead through of pipes, ventilation and cable ducts as well as their sealing.