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Call: +971 5 448 448 58
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Control unit RZ7 FA for multiple conveyor system closures with alternative power supply linked via CANopen®-Bus

Control unit RZ7 FA approved by the building authorities

for multiple conveyor system closures  with alternative power supply linked via CANopen®-Bus,
approval number Z-6.5-1990



Control unit RZ-7 VdS and building-authority approved control unit for conveyor system closures RZ7 FA type with 24VDC power supply from power pack RZ7 NT24 and possible connection of up to 20 fire detectors. Sequence control for relieve logic under alternative power supply operation.

Alternative power generation system 


Alternative power generation system "Powerdrive" for three-phase drive with a capacity of 0,18-5,0kW (3-phase 230/400VAC) with approved power pack RZ7 NT24 for 24VDC supply for RZ7-FAA and charging of the battery for alternative power supply. Very small dimensions sin spite of hih capacity (500x500x210) compared to conventional USV-plants a low number of VdS certified batteries.

Alternative power switchover Alternative power switchover immediately in front of the drive motorof the conveyor technique with integrated brake voltage for drives with 230 or 400VAC-brakes. Small dimensions for high protection targets, that are easily upgraded for existing plants.

RZ-7-OP CANopen® Masterpanel RZ7-OP links the seperate Bus-members, extandable up to 48 members. Well arranged and easy operation with text indicator. Malfunction message and status indication are updated regularly and it is prepared for remote diagnostics via integrated web server.

Fire detector Every conveyor system closure has to be equipped with own fire detecors. The installation of the fire detectors takes place according to the guidelines for hold open units.

Locking device The locking device fixates the open closure and releases it after activation through the control unit. Locking devices can be holding magnets, magnetic connectors or a pneumatic valve. Locking devices have to VdS certified and listed in the official approval of the control unit.

Photoelectric barrier The closing area has to be cleared with adequate euipment before the closing process. Are photoelectric barriers involved do they have to be VdS certified and approved.

Manual activator Every smoke barrier can additionally be activated through a manual activator (push button).

Signal connection Signal connection with other control units via potential relay contact (end position open and closed)

Central fire alarm system Additional activation via central fire alarm system is possible.

Network supply 230VAC/50Hz(L/N/PE) max. safeguarding  10A