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Fire protection for copy machines

Is your copy machine placed in the passage way to allow access from all sides? 
Did you also create an optimized production flow by this location of the copy machine?

Did you know that you endanger lives thereby?

Due to the heating of the fixing unit, copy machines have a high risk of developing fire. A failure of the thermal switch leads to overheating and soon to a fire.


  • The passage way is the first escape route and must be kept free from any fire load.
  • After a few seconds dense black smoke makes the escape route impassable.
  • A few breaths in the smoke can be deadly already.
  • Smoke always causes damages within the whole range where it spreads. This results in high costs for renovation which may be linked with breakdown.
  • High initial costs for new electronic devices, because the high HCI-share in the smoke gas destroys the devices within the smoke compartment.


Limit the danger by using our Copy Cap system

The Copy-Cap system adjusts itself into the interior design by its design and the individual colour. Due to its metal surface, the Copy-Cap system can be used at the same time as a board for notes and notifications in a central place. After being released, the Copy-Cap system can be reset into its initial position without technical knowledge and no additional costs are caused:


  • free escape routes
  • smoke emission is immediately suppressed 
  • no risk of fire
  • marginal damages caused by smoke 
  • marginal costs for renovation
  • no breakdown


… that’s how the Copy-Cap system works!


Fire test

... without Copy-Cap

... after 5 minutes   ... after 27 minutes   ... after 35 minutes   ... after 45 minutes

... with Copy-Cap

failure of the verheating protection…   visible smoke emission   smoke detector releases… closing process starts   the system is closed after 10 seconds

Control unit RZ 8

Wall-mounted version

  • power supply unit
  • integrated release unit
  • for hold open devices
  • 24V DC 0,9A
  • IP 65 casing
  • control- and display pictogram
  • audio + visual indication
  • fire alarm evaluation
  • smoke switches are connectable
  • ex-detector and ex-hold open units can be connected (ex = explosion-proof)
Wall-mounted version  
Flush-mounted version  
Flush-mounted version  

Wiring diagram


Connections :

  • universal input 85…..265 VAC
  • fire alarm loop
  • 24V DC hold open devices
  • push button or potential-free release
  • smoke switch
  • 24V DC supply (total current 0,9A)
  • potential-free fire alarm contact


Different designs

Copy-Cap WV
with double-winged revolving doors

For the installation to the wall. The metal surface of the Copy-Cap is additionally a useful memo and notize holder.


Copy-Cap WH
with one-piece, horizontally rotating cover

For the installation to the wall. The possibility to use the Copy-Cap as a picture frame is useful for decoration of the room and makes the Copy-Cap invisible.

Copy-Cap D 
for installation to the ceiling

For the installation to the ceiling. No wall space is needed through fixation to the ceiling.