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Smoke protection closure

6th world novelty:
Smoke protection closures


Smoke protection closures (SPC)...

... obstruct in closed condition the passage of smoke in the phase of fire formation so as to enable the rescue of people, animals or material assets in case of a fire in the room positioned behind it without the need of breathing protection.


Who asks for such "smoke tight" systems?

  • According to §32 para. 4 German building regulation: floors with more than 4 apartments of comparable size with generally accessible corridors have to be closed smoke tightly from the staircase.
  • Or according to §33 para. 1 German building regulation: corridors that are longer than 30 m should be sectioned by smoke tight doors.
  • Or according to different garage regulations smoke tight systems are requested.

In cases when additionally to the demands...

...smoke tight integrity in the fire formation phase and also the fire resistance - thus no flame passage in the blaze phase - is defined, the system has to comply with both requirements and to withstand temperatures up to 1000°C.


Invisible Smoke protection closures!

Building activities in the future with innovative textile closure systems



We, the inventor of textile smoke barriers, invest constantly our know-how and our resources in order to be able to always offer innovative solutions to realize your protection goal of fire protection plans.

The result of our work is that now 10 world novelties, have been successfully introduced into the international market.

One is the textile smoke curtain in different designs and classifications that achieves numerous applications in preventive tructural fire protection.

By this modern protection concepts can be realized without having to accept restrictions on architectural design or building use.

Our well-founded practical experience with textile fire sealing was obtained in over 15 years and over 100 fire tests as well as in the about 10,000 completed projects in the following sectors:

Retirement homes, car dealerships, automotive, banks, office buildings, heritage buildings, shopping centers, airports, hotels, industrial facilities, cafeterias, day care centers, cinemas, hospitals, furniture stores, museums, food industry, public buildings, parks, town halls, schools, training centers, supermarkets, theaters, parking garages, universities, insurance, hospitality, residential and commercial buildings...


Which Fiberseal is the right one for your protection targets?

Type Fiberseal-Sm

The tight smoke protection closure with the classification Sm for high pressures and a smoke temperature of 200 °C

Fiberseal-Sm   Type Fiberseal-Sa

The tight smoke protection closure with the classification Sa tested for large openings


Type Fiberseal-H

The horizontal smoke protection closure for openings in the ceiling

Fiberseal-H   Type Fiberseal-S

The section building textile smoke protection closure / the closure that goes around the corner




Locking devices approved by the building authorities

  • If the Fiberseal is used as an automatic partition, according to the standards for locking devices (ed. October 1988) it has to be powered by a locking device that is approved by the building authorities. Which components belong to a locking device approved by the building authorities?
  • The Stöbich control units type RZ have all required components that are also included in the approval

Release device + power supply




Fire detection

Locking device









Altogether 41 types of
various maufacturers




Altogether 117
types of various




All types according to
„guidelines for locking

  • The VdS tested Stöbich control units are approved by the building authorities
    RZ 8 FA: Z-6.5-1872
    RZ 7 BT: Z-6.5-2011 with VdS-tested operator protection

Tubular motor type Gravigen Stöbich

  Intelligent electronic
displacement sensors
Patent Fail-Safe closing type Gravigen Certified VdS monitored
hold open device
230 VAC motor with gear

Design for metal parts


Besides colour and surface finishing Stöbich offers individual designs for the Fiberseal system.